Bird calls in the Engadin

Decision table for identifying calls
Features Melody Pitch Speed Mnemonic Name Description Audio
simple rhythmic low (1-3 KHz) slow Eurasian three-toed woodpecker - drumming Behavior: Seine unauffälligen Rufe sind nicht laut und tönen ähnlich wie jene des Buntspechts. [Portrait]
one note high (4-7 KHz) slow White-throated dipper Chirp repeated 1-2s.
sputter/pebble-clatter one note low-high (2-7 KHz) slow Lesser whitethroat BirdID says: Warning call a hard "check" similar to Blackcap but slightly softer
swoop one note high (5-7 KHz) fast Dunnock Swooping staccato call 0.5 seconds long heard near Lendikon. Repeated irregularly after 1-3.5 seconds.

Birds with insufficient information about songs/calls

Red crossbill, Tree pipit, Meadow pipit, Ring ouzel, Alpine accentor, Rock bunting, Whinchat, Rock partridge, Eurasian crag-martin, Spotted nutcracker, European crested tit, Willow tit, Willow tit, Eurasian skylark, Northern wheatear, Common redpoll - Wikipedia