Zippammer / Rock bunting (Emberiza cia)

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Wikipedia: Rock bunting
Systematik: Gattung Emberiza; Tribus Emberizini; Unterfamilie Emberizinae; Familie Finken (Fringillidae)
Deutschland: Brut-, Jahres-, Zugvogel RL 1
Gesang: Song variable, but usually distinct. [Link]
Rufe: Recalls stuttering Dunnock. Jerky, uneven thythm and tempo, with fairly large register and recognizible bunting timbre. May include mimicry. Alarm call a thin, short "seeeep", with clipped ending, similar to Cirl Bunting. [Link]
Körperlich: Länge=16 cm, Flügelspanne=21-27 cm, Gewicht=21-29 g