Spotted flycatcher / Grauschnäpper (Muscicapa striata)

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In a pinch barbed wire will do instead of a tree branch. Source: WIKIPEDIA
Classification: Genus Muscicapa; Family Old world flycatchers (Muscicapidae)
Heard in woods near Staldenweiher. Has streaks on crown and breast, rather than spots. Medium brown on head and back, light colored belly. 'Pincette-shaped beak'.
Perches on limbs in forest to swoop for insects and return to perch, specifically heard in woods near Staldenweiher.
Song: Song a primitive, slow series of various buzzing and very high pitched sounds. No recurring phrases. [Link]
Calls: The discreet calls often goes unnoticed. Most calls high pitched with a buzzing, "electric" timbre. Alarm call a sharp, drawn "tzreeeee-check", with the second syllable abruptly clipping the sound. [Link]
Physical details: length=14 cm, wingspan=23-25 cm, weight=14-20 g
Song: High (6-8 KHz?) short sound repeated every half to 5 seconds.
Song attributes: Melody: simple rhythmic, slow, Frequency: 6-8 KHz
Call: General: To me something between a one-note and an extremely simple melody, namely med-med chk-hi-med-med, with a very irregular speed, not at all like a metronome.
Call: Most calls high pitched with a buzzing, "electric" timbre. [Link]
Sounds similar to what I know.

Sounds similar to what I know. Source: XENOCANTO (call)

Call attributes: Call melody: stereotype melodic, slow, Frequency: 4-7 KHz,
First documented observation : 2020-06-03

Call in Staldenweiher woods Source: BirdNet 2020-06-22 16.58.36 Staldenweiher (call)

Additional Images

Spotted flycatcher and 13 or more flies. 2021-08-19 08.17.26 Kaltbrunner-Riet

Grauschnaepper. 2021-08-19 08.17.26 Kaltbrunner-Riet

Grauschnaepper bei Gsangweg, nahe Lendikon. 2021-07-20 15.21.20 Weisslingen

Additional Audio

♫ Source: BirdNet 2021-08-14 09.54.33 Fehraltorf (song?)

♫ Source: BirdNet 2021-07-20 15.26.55 Weisslingen (song?)

♫ Source: BirdNet 2021-07-20 15.23.55 Weisslingen (song?)

♫ Source: BirdNet 2021-07-03 07.51.22 Fehraltorf (call)

♫ Source: BirdNet 2021-05-20 14.02.40 (song?)

♫ Source: BirdNet 2021-05-20 14.00.25 (song?)

♫ Source: BirdNet 2021-05-10 08.18.37 Gambarogno (song?)

♫ Source: BirdNet 2020-08-05 15.35.25 Hungerseeli (song?)

♫ Source: BirdNet 2020-06-22 16.58.36 Staldenweiher (song?)

♫ Source: BirdNet 2020-06-22 16.57.16 Staldenweiher (song?)

♫ Source: XENOCANTO (song?)