Black redstart / Hausrotschwanz (Phoenicurus ochruros)

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Black redstart singing atop a tree This black redstart was singing in the tree by the tennis club behind the train station in Fehraltorf in April 2020 2020-04-23 11.17.18 Fehraltorf
Classification: Genus Phoenicurus; Family Old world flycatchers (Muscicapidae)
Look for them in a treetop or the peak of a roof - they like to be heard and don't mind being seen.
Etymology: The English name Redstart intrigued me. According to Wikipedia, it comes from Middle English stert meaning tail, so it's a redtail, which makes sense. As to black, they often look rather gray to me. [Link]
Vocalization: Next part is rather unique, and sounds as if shaking a handful of gravel. The phrase then usually closes with a couple of trills. [Link]
Song: Other: Einige Arten wie der Hausrotschwanz singen zudem im Herbst, bevor sie in ihr Winterquartier ziehen. Die Männchen legen dann ihre Reviere bereits «provisorisch» fest. [Link]
Am Morgen der erste Sänger: Kurzes dreiteiliges Liedchen, meist von Warte aus gesungen. Mittelstück aus rauen gequetschten Tönen. (als ob kurz die Stimme verloren) [Link]
Song consists of three parts and is distinct if heard well. It opens with some clear notes that may form a trill, which are then followed by a pause. The "gravel-part" does not carry as far as the rest of the song. [Link]
Calls: „hüid-tze“ das tze deutlich tiefer. [Link]
Alarm call is a chat-like alternation between short, high-pitched "wit" sounds, and series of hard and dry "teck". [Link]
Physical details: length=14 cm, wingspan=23-26 cm, weight=13-19 g
Song: The song is two parts and unvarying. If it were a pop song, you'd call it ABABAB... The second part starts with a sputtering trill. The RSPB in the UK says 'warble with crackling trills.' says 'Der gepresst knirschende Gesang setzt meist lange vor Sonnenaufgang ein und ist der Auftakt für das Vogelkonzert.' says 'Einziger Sänger morgens um drei in den Häuserschluchten'. Obwohl meint, sie singen nicht mehr nach Juli, war ich angenehm überrascht sie in Oktober im Tessin zu hören.
Song attributes: Melody: stereotype melodic, slow, Frequency: high (3-9 KHz) Special sounds: churr Singing season: 03-01 - 07-31 Dawn chorus start, 70 minutes before dawn.
Calls: 1: XC560014 matches exactly waht BirdID describes: 'Alarm call is a chat-like alternation between short, high-pitched "wit" sounds, and series of hard and dry "teck".' The high-pitched call I heard recently was between 5 and 6 KHz, which could help to distinguish between other birds with a deeper voice. The whooping call is sometimes listed as an alarm call.

♫ Source: XENOCANTO (call)

♫ Very high notes. Source: XENOCANTO (call)

2: Begging call sputters

♫ Source: XENOCANTO (begging call)

Call attributes: Call melody: one note, slow, Frequency: 4-5 KHz, Special sounds: whoop, sputter/pebble-clatter
First documented observation : 2020-04-09


Hausrotschwanz weiblich mit tonaufnahme maybe. 2020-04-11 08.01.32 Luppmen

Two-part redstart song 2020-04-23 11.18.50 Fehraltorf (song)

Weiblicher Hausrotschwanz am Luppmen 2020-04-11 08.03.18 Aberhalden fluids (song)

Additional Images

Hausrotschwanz on barn roof. 2020-04-16 07.09.06 Hungerseeli

Hausrotschwanz. 2020-04-11 07.53.16 Luppmen

Hausrotschwanz. 2020-04-11 07.50.52 Luppmen

Hausrotschwanz. 2020-04-11 07.48.02 Luppmen

Hausrotschwanz. 2020-04-11 07.48.00 Luppmen

Additional Audio

♫ Source: BirdNet 2021-08-29 08.24.41 Luppmen (song?)

♫ 2021-08-22 09.53.21 (call)

♫ Source: BirdNet 2021-08-22 09.52.02 (song?)

♫ Source: BirdNet 2021-08-09 07.51.24 Fehraltorf (song?)

♫ 2021-06-05 09.07.38 (song?)

♫ Source: BirdNet 2021-04-01 09.52.18 Carona (song?)

♫ Source: BirdNet 2021-03-29 16.50.18 Fehraltorf (song?)

♫ Source: BirdNet 2020-07-25 09.31.38 Luppmen (song?)

♫ Source: BirdNet 2020-06-13 18.25.37 Locarno (song?)

♫ Source: BirdNet 2020-06-12 19.00.48 Sils (song?)

♫ Source: BirdNet 2020-06-12 13.44.20 Sils (song?)

♫ Source: BirdNet 2020-06-12 13.01.08 Sils (song?)

♫ Source: BirdNet 2020-06-01 07.01.28 Luppmen (song?)

♫ 2020-04-23 11.20.27 Luppmen (song?)

♫ 2020-04-23 11.18.50 Fehraltorf (song?)

♫ Source: BirdNet 2020-04-18 07.24.56 Luppmen (song?)

♫ Source: BirdNet 2020-04-18 07.24.50 Luppmen (song?)

♫ Source: BirdNet 2020-04-17 13.21.58 Luppmen (song)

♫ Source: BirdNet 2020-04-17 06.02.41 Luppmen (song?)

♫ 2020-04-15 07.28.14 Luppmen (song?)

♫ Source: BirdNet 2020-04-13 08.26.58 Luppmen (song?)

♫ Source: BirdNet 2020-04-13 07.12.03 Luppmen (song?)

♫ Source: BirdNet 2020-04-13 06.18.50 Luppmen (song?)

♫ Source: BirdNet 2020-04-13 06.15.47 Luppmen (song?)

♫ Source: BirdNet 2020-04-13 06.15.47 Luppmen (song?)

♫ 2020-04-11 08.03.18 Aberhalden fluids (song?)

♫ Source: BirdNet 2020-04-09 06.51.07 Luppmen (song?)

♫ Source: XENOCANTO (call)

♫ Source: XENOCANTO (begging call)

♫ Source: XENOCANTO (song?)