Genealogy Report (Reverse Register)

Ancestors of William Henderson Kelly II

Generation One

1William Henderson1 Kelly II (William, #2) was born 1957.

Reference: P99.

Generation Two

2William Henderson2 Kelly (Clair, #4) was born 1932. He married Alice May Daniel (see #3), daughter of Clair Milford Daniel and Mary Regina Smith.

Reference: P96. In Sep 1932, William Henderson Kelly lived at Lang St, Patton, Cambria, PA, US.

Children of William Henderson2 Kelly and Alice May Daniel (see #3) were as follows:

3Alice May2 Daniel (Clair, #6)  married William Henderson Kelly (see #2), son of Clair Leonard Kelly and Faye Aldene Wyse.

Reference: P95.

Generation Three

4Clair Leonard3 Kelly (William, #8) was born on 2 Mar 1892. He married Faye Aldene Wyse (see #5), daughter of William Henderson Wyse and Mary Mohney, on 5 Oct 1925. He died on 22 Oct 1971 at age 79.

Reference: P105. As of 1914, Clair Leonard Kelly lived at Patton, Cambria, PA, US.

Children of Clair Leonard3 Kelly and Faye Aldene Wyse (see #5) were as follows:

5Faye Aldene3 Wyse (William, #10) was born on 23 Nov 1903 at Rathmel, PA, US.3,4 She married Clair Leonard Kelly (see #4), son of William Harrison Kelly and Susan Amanda Passmore, on 5 Oct 1925. She died on 14 Mar 1972 at age 68.

Reference: P106.

6Clair Milford3 Daniel (Elmer, #12) was born on 10 Mar 1906 at Linglestown, Dauphin, PA, US.5 He married Mary Regina Smith (see #7), daughter of Thomas Matthew Aloysius Smith and Margaret Veronica Harkins, on 13 Jun 1931. He died in Nov 1988 at12 West Third Street, Florence, Burlington, NJ, US, at age 82.6

Reference: P91. He was graduated.7 He Graduated from Lebanon Valley College. Taught mathematics in the high school of Florence, New Jersey. As of circa 1930, Clair Milford Daniel lived at Florence, Burlington, NJ, US.

Children of Clair Milford3 Daniel and Mary Regina Smith (see #7) were as follows:

7Mary Regina3 Smith (Thomas, #14) was born on 18 Sep 1909. She married Clair Milford Daniel (see #6), son of Elmer Snyder Daniel and Alice Catherine Miller, on 13 Jun 1931.

Reference: P92. She Took the name Regina at her confirmation.

Generation Four

8William Harrison4 Kelly (Isaac, #16) was born on 7 Jul 1848. He married Susan Amanda Passmore (see #9), daughter of William Harrison Passmore and Mary Fox, on 19 Jan 1873. He died on 11 Jan 1928 at age 79.

Reference: P107. He What's the town where they're buried? Not Patton. As of 1850, William Harrison Kelly lived at Wheatfield Township, Indiana, PA, US.

Children of William Harrison4 Kelly and Susan Amanda Passmore (see #9) were as follows:

9Susan Amanda4 Passmore (William, #18) was born on 16 Aug 1856. She married William Harrison Kelly (see #8), son of Isaac Kelly and Sarah McMullen, on 19 Jan 1873. She died in Oct 1954 at age 98.10

Reference: P108. She Married in Luthersburg, Pa in Clearfield Co.

10William Henderson4 Wyse (Henry, #20) was born on 18 Apr 1882 at St. Marys, Elk, PA, US.11,12 He married Mary Mohney (see #11), daughter of George Washington Mohney and Margaret E. Johnston, on 14 Sep 1902.13,14 He died circa 19 b 2.15,16

Reference: P109.

Children of William Henderson4 Wyse and Mary Mohney (see #11) were as follows:

11Mary4 Mohney (George, #22) was born 9 Sep 1882 8 Sep 1882 at Reynoldsville, Jefferson, PA, US.35 She married William Henderson Wyse (see #10), son of Henry B. Wyse and Jane Henderson, on 14 Sep 1902.36,37 She died on 27 Dec 1958 at Lee Hospital, Johnstown, Cambria, PA, US.

Reference: P110.

12Elmer Snyder4 Daniel (Joseph, #24) was born on 23 Oct 1871 at Berrysburg, PA, US. He married Alice Catherine Miller (see #13), daughter of John Adam Miller and Harriet Webner. He died on 8 Mar 1955 at Harrisburg, PA, US, at age 83.38

Reference: P76. He Elmer Daniel was, like his father, a shoemaker by trade. Herb says he was apprenticed to his uncle Isaiah. He was not given a middle name, and in later years took on his mother's maiden name. Married in Salem Lutheran Church, Elizabethville, Pa.

Children of Elmer Snyder4 Daniel and Alice Catherine Miller (see #13) were as follows:

13Alice Catherine4 Miller (John, #26) was born on 16 Jul 1875. She married Elmer Snyder Daniel (see #12), son of Joseph Daniel and Elizabeth Snyder. She died on 13 Nov 1955 at age 80.

Reference: P77.

14Thomas Matthew Aloysius4 Smith (Patrick, #28) was born on 17 Dec 1876.39 He married Margaret Veronica Harkins (see #15), daughter of Neal Harkins and Mary Duffy. He died in 1953.

Reference: P93. He Person Source.40 He Person Source.41 He Person Source.42 He Person Source.43 He Emigrated from Ireland to Philadelphia. His original name was probably not Smith. Many immigrants changed names to avoid anti-Irish prejudice.

Children of Thomas Matthew Aloysius4 Smith and Margaret Veronica Harkins (see #15) were as follows:

15Margaret Veronica4 Harkins (Neal, #30) was born on 1 Jan 1883.44 She married Thomas Matthew Aloysius Smith (see #14), son of Patrick Francis Smith and Mary Fitzpatrick. She died in 1946.

Reference: P94.

Generation Five

16Isaac5 Kelly (father, #32) was born in 1815. He married Sarah McMullen (see #17). He married Agnes McMullen circa 1839.45

Reference: P274. Birth estimated based on birth of child in 1844. As of 1850, Isaac Kelly lived at Wheatfield Township, Indiana, PA, US.

Children of Isaac5 Kelly and Sarah McMullen (see #17) were as follows:

17Sarah5 McMullen was born circa 1828.75,76 She married Isaac Kelly (see #16), son of father Kelly and ? ?

18William Harrison5 Passmore (George, #36) was born in 1832. He married Mary Fox (see #19), daughter of Mathias Fox and Susan ?, in 1856.77

Reference: P189. He Eldest of eight children. Wife's mother, Susan Fox, lived with Harrison in old age until her (Fox's) death. Mentioned in the 1850 census as a trainee blacksmith, living with his father. Shown in the 1870 census with his children, including Susanna, our ancestor. Written up in the Commemorative Biographical Record of Clearfield Co. He was a Lutheran and lived in Curwensville and Luthersburg.

Children of William Harrison5 Passmore and Mary Fox (see #19) were as follows:

19Mary5 Fox (Mathias, #38) was born in 1832 at Lycoming, PA, US. She married William Harrison Passmore (see #18), son of George Chaflin Passmore and Mary Ann Hardsock, in 1856.80

Reference: P195. She Originally from Lycoming County. Her father was a well-to-do farmer. They moved to Brady Twp., Clearfield Co. in 1836 and lived near Troutville. She lived from 1832 to 1836 at Lycoming, PA, US.

20Henry B.5 Wyse (Joseph, #40)81,82 was born at Markinch?, Fife, Scotland, GB.83,84,85 He married Jane Henderson (see #21), daughter of Robert Henderson and Elspeth Dryburgh. He died on 23 May 1903.86 He was buried on 26 May 1903.

He was also known as Henry Wyse. Reference: P772. He first name variant Harry.

Children of Henry B.5 Wyse and Jane Henderson (see #21) were as follows:

21Jane5 Henderson (Robert, #42) was born at Markinch, Fife, Scotland, GB.134,135,136,137 She married Henry B. Wyse (see #20), son of Joseph Wyse and Jane Brown. She died on 3 Jul 1936 at Salina, Westmoreland, PA, US.138 She was buried on 6 Jul 1936.

Reference: P773. She first name variant Jean.

22George Washington5 Mohney (Adam, #44) was born on 22 Feb 1840 at Rimersburg, Clarion, PA, US. He married Eliza Fy.139 He married Margaret E. Johnston (see #23), daughter of William B. Johnston and Anna Margaret Kerner, on 1 May 1873 at Prescotville, Jefferson, PA, US. He died on 19 May 1919 at Du Bois, PA, US, at age 79.

Reference: P289. He was married by John Reynolds. As of 12 Dec 1861, George Washington Mohney lived at Rimersburg, Clarion, PA, US.140,141

Children of George Washington5 Mohney and Margaret E. Johnston (see #23) were as follows:

23Margaret E.5 Johnston (William, #46) was born on 14 Jun 1844. She married George Washington Mohney (see #22), son of Adam (3) Mohney and Elizabeth Hawk, on 1 May 1873 at Prescotville, Jefferson, PA, US. She died on 5 Jun 1917 at Reynoldsville, Jefferson, PA, US, at age 72.

Reference: P290.

24Joseph5 Daniel (Andreas, #48) was born on 11 Jun 1835 at Berrysburg, PA, US. He married Elizabeth Snyder (see #25), daughter of John Snyder and Anna Barbara Wert, on 4 Oct 1857 at Berrysburg, PA, US.142 He died on 17 Apr 1878 at Berrysburg, PA, US, at age 42.

Reference: P53.

Children of Joseph5 Daniel and Elizabeth Snyder (see #25) were as follows:

25Elizabeth5 Snyder (John, #50) was born on 19 May 1836. She marriedJoseph Daniel (see #24), son of Andreas Daniel II and Susanna Willard, on 4 Oct 1857 at Berrysburg, PA, US.144 She died on 24 Dec 1914 at Philadelphia, PA, US, at age 78.145

Reference: P54.

26John Adam5 Miller (John, #52) was born on 24 Nov 1844 at Elizabethville, Dauphin, PA, US. He married Harriet Webner (see #27), daughter ofWilliam Henry Webner and Rachel Enterline, on 24 Dec 1868. He died on 22 Dec 1924 at Elizabethville, Dauphin, PA, US, at age 80.

Reference: P82.

Children of John Adam5 Miller and Harriet Webner (see #27) were:

27Harriet5 Webner (William, #54) was born on 18 Jul 1846 at Elizabethville, Dauphin, PA, US.146 She married John Adam Miller (see #26), son of John (Hans) Miller Jr. and Barbara Sweigard, on 24 Dec 1868. She died on 30 Jul 1916 at Elizabethville, Dauphin, PA, US, at age 70.147 She was buried at Maple Grove Cem, Elizabethville, Dauphin, PA, US.148

She was also known as Henrietta Webner.149 Reference: P83.

28Patrick Francis5 Smith (?, #56) was born in 1846.150 He married Mary Fitzpatrick (see #29). He married Anna M. Lettish. He died in 1904.151

Reference: P191. He last name variant Smyth.

Children of Patrick Francis5 Smith and Mary Fitzpatrick (see #29) were:

29Mary5 Fitzpatrick married Patrick Francis Smith (see #28), son of ? Smith. She died before 1888.152

Reference: P192.

30Neal5 Harkins (Hugh, #60) was born at Greenock, Renfrewshire, Scotland, GB.153,154 He married Mary Duffy (see #31), daughter of John Duffy and ?mother ?155 He died at Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA, US.156,157

He was also known as Neil Stephen Harkins. He was also known as Cornelius Harkins. He and Mary Duffy Family Source.158 Reference: P717. He immigrated from Apr 1859 to Jan 1862 to Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA, US.159,160

Children of Neal5 Harkins and Mary Duffy (see #31) were as follows:

31Mary5 Duffy (John, #62) was born circa 1840 at Greenock, Renfrewshire, Scotland, GB.174 She married Neal Harkins (see #30), son of Hugh Harkins and Rose McFayden.175 She died circa 1885 at Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA, US.176,177

Reference: P718. She Used to have 1 FAMC @730X732@, but Bob J. says this is they. She and Neal Harkins Family Source.178 She immigrated circa 1874 to Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA, US.179

Generation Six

32father6 Kelly was born circa 1790 at PA, US.180 He married ? ? (see #33) atPA, US. He died at PA, US.181

Children of father6 Kelly and ? ? (see #33) were as follows:

33?6 ? was born circa 1790 at PA, US.182 She married father Kelly (see #32) at PA, US. She died at PA, US.183

36George Chaflin6 Passmore (Abram, #72) was born in 1807. He married Mary Ann Hardsock (see #37), daughter of Abram Hardsock.

Reference: P200. He Middle name provided by Dale Young, not sure of source. He lived at Centre, PA, US.184

Children of George Chaflin6 Passmore and Mary Ann Hardsock (see #37) were as follows:

37Mary Ann6 Hardsock (Abram, #74) was born circa 18 n 0.00/1.191,192 She married George Chaflin Passmore (see #36), son of Abram Passmore and Susanne Pierce.

Reference: P194.

38Mathias6 Fox married Susan ? (see #39).

Reference: P196. at Lycoming, PA, US.193

Children of Mathias6 Fox and Susan ? (see #39) were:

39Susan6married Mathias Fox (see #38).

Reference: P197.

40Joseph6 Wyse married Jane Brown (see #41) on 4 Oct 1845 atMuiravonside, Stirling, Scotland, GB.194 He died.195

He Believed by Robert W. Allen to be the father of Henry Wyse, evidence lacking - there are a number of Wyses who are possible. He and Jane Brown Had 12 children.

Children of Joseph6 Wyse and Jane Brown (see #41) were as follows:

41Jane6 Brown married Joseph Wyse (see #40) on 4 Oct 1845 at Muiravonside, Stirling, Scotland, GB.224 She died.225

She Believed by Robert W. Allen to be the mother of Henry Wyse, evidence lacking - there are a number of Wyses who are possible. She and Joseph Wyse Had 12 children.

42Robert6 Henderson married Elspeth Dryburgh (see #43).

Reference: P775. He Person Source.226

Children of Robert6 Henderson and Elspeth Dryburgh (see #43) were:

43Elspeth6 Dryburgh married Robert Henderson (see #42).

Reference: P776.

44Adam (3)6 Mohney (missing, #88) was born circa 1809.227 He married Elizabeth Hawk (see #45) circa 1837 at PA, US.228 He died circa 1857.229,230

Reference: P708. This is the Adam Mohney listed as the father of G.W.Mohney on his death certificate.

Children of Adam (3)6 Mohney and Elizabeth Hawk (see #45) were as follows:

45Elizabeth6 Hawk was born circa 1811 at PA, US.252,253,254 She married Adam (3) Mohney (see #44), son of missing link Mohney, circa 1837 at PA, US.255 She died in 1878 at PA, US.256

46William B.6 Johnston (Benjamin, #92) married Anna Margaret Kerner (see #47). He died after 1860.

Reference: P503. He add sources for Butler Co assertion, for Reynoldsville book, for death certificate, ... anything else? William B. Johnston lived at Butler, PA, US.257

Children of William B.6 Johnston and Anna Margaret Kerner (see #47) were:

47Anna Margaret6 Kerner married William B. Johnston (see #46), son of Benjamin Johnston.

Reference: P504.

48Andreas6 Daniel II (Andreas, #96) was born on 24 Feb 1797. He married Susanna Willard (see #49), daughter of John Peter Willard Jr. and Catherine Anna Maria Hoffman, in 1819. He died on 7 May 1840 at age 43.

Reference: P26. He Lived in Lyken's Township, Dauphin Co all his life. Kicked by a stallion and died shortly thereafter. In the meantime he made out his will and ``prayed beautifully,'' according to one account. Buried, along with his wife and parents, in Hoffman's Church cemetery.

Children of Andreas6 Daniel II and Susanna Willard (see #49) were as follows:

49Susanna6 Willard (John, #98) was born on 2 Nov 1798. She marriedAndreas Daniel II (see #48), son of Andreas Daniel and Susanna Hoy, in 1819. She died on 17 Aug 1855 at age 56.

Reference: P27. 258

50John6 Snyder (John, #100) was born on 6 Feb 1804 at Dauphin, PA, US.259,260 He married Anna Barbara Wert (see #51), daughter of J. Hendrich Wirth and Elizabeth Enderline. He died on 9 Sep 1885 at age 81.

Reference: P444.

Children of John6 Snyder and Anna Barbara Wert (see #51) were:

51Anna Barbara6 Wert (J. Wirth, #102) married John Snyder (see #50), son of John (2) Snyder. She died on 3 Apr 1894.

Reference: P445. She Name given as Anna May Wert in Runk's Dauphin County Biographical Encyclopedia, p. 925.

52John (Hans)6 Miller Jr. (John, #104) was born on 22 Sep 1814 at Northumberland, PA, US. He married Barbara Sweigard (see #53) on 11 Apr 1839. He died on 29 Jan 1897 at Dauphin, PA, US, at age 82.

Reference: P446.

Children of John (Hans)6 Miller Jr. and Barbara Sweigard (see #53) were:

53Barbara6 Sweigard was born on 25 Apr 1818. She married John (Hans) Miller Jr. (see #52), son of John Miller and Ann Catherine Seiler, on 11 Apr 1839. She died on 2 Feb 1902 at age 83.

Reference: P447. She Name given as Anna May Wert in Runk's Dauphin County Biographical Encyclopedia, p. 925.

54William Henry6 Webner (Johann, #108) was born on 7 Jan 1820 at Blump Township, Colombia, PA, US. He married Rachel Enterline (see #55), daughter of John Paul Enderlein and Anna Marie Hammarman. He died on 26 Jul 1894 at Elizabethville, Dauphin, PA, US, at age 74.

Reference: P261. Christening by Pastor Kessler. See fraktur at Franklin and Marshall College, Lancaster, Pa, photocopy of photo in my possession. Sponsors Henrich Heiser (mother's brother, single) on 7 Jan 1820 at Bloom Township, Colombia, PA, US.261

Children of William Henry6 Webner and Rachel Enterline (see #55) were as follows:

55Rachel6 Enterline (John Enderlein, #110) was born 9 Jul 1824 19 Jul 1823.269,270 She married William Henry Webner (see #54), son of Johann Theodor Webner and Christina Heiser. She died on 18 Feb 1865.

Reference: P262. She From computerized Enterline family tree.

56?6 Smith married an unknown person.

Reference: P766.

Children of ?6 Smith include:

60Hugh6 Harkins was born circa 1815.271 He died before 1858.272

He and Rose McFayden Family Source.273 As of 1858, Hugh Harkins lived at Low Shaw Street, Greenock, Renfrewshire, Scotland, GB.274

Children of Hugh6 Harkins and Rose McFayden (see #61) were:

61Rose6 McFayden was born circa 1818.275 She died after 1858.276

She and Hugh Harkins Family Source.277 As of 1858, Rose McFayden lived at Low Shaw Street, Greenock, Renfrewshire, Scotland, GB.278

62John6 Duffy married ?mother ? (see #63).

Reference: P730. He was recorded earlier as REFN P726. He lived at Low Shaw Street, Greenock, Renfrewshire, Scotland, GB.279 He and ?mother ? Family Source.280 As of 1858, John Duffy lived at Low Shaw Street, Greenock, Renfrewshire, Scotland, GB.281

Children of John6 Duffy and ?mother ? (see #63) were as follows:

63?mother6married John Duffy (see #62).

She was also known as Jane Murphy. Reference: P727. She was recorded earlier as REFN P727. She lived at Low Shaw Street, Greenock, Renfrewshire, Scotland, GB.282 She and John Duffy Family Source.283 As of 1858, ?mother ? lived at Low Shaw Street, Greenock, Renfrewshire, Scotland, GB.284

Generation Seven

72Abram7 Passmore (Joseph, #144) was born on 11 Aug 1764.285 He married Susanne Pierce (see #73), daughter of Gainer Peirce and mother of Susan Pearce, circa 1790.286 He died on 10 Aug 1854 at age 89.287

He was also known as Abraham Passmore. He is of English descent. info at Centre, PA, US.288 Reference: P193.

Children of Abram7 Passmore and Susanne Pierce (see #73) were as follows:

73Susanne7 Pierce (Gainer Peirce, #146) was born on 27 Jan 1769.301 She married Abram Passmore (see #72), son of Joseph Passmore and Elizabeth Martin, circa 1790.302 She died on 29 Sep 1843 at age 74.303

74Abram7 Hardsock (Conrad Hertzog, #148) was born in 1789. He married an unknown person. He was buried at cemetery, Curwensville, Clearfield, PA, US.304

Reference: P198. He was of German descent, cf. source 13 He lived at Centre, PA, US.305,306

Children of Abram7 Hardsock include:

88missing link7 Mohney (Adam Mauny, #176) married an unknown person.309

He This is the hypothetical person we need to link our ancestor Adam Mohney, ~1809->1860 to the Mohneys who came from Switzerland by way of Alsace and Northampton Co., Pa. We don't know Adam's father, but his age would be about right for a child of Adam Mauny. Of course, it's also possible it was a nephew.

Children of missing link7 Mohney include:

92Benjamin7 Johnston married an unknown person.

Reference: P712.

Children of Benjamin7 Johnston include:

96Andreas7 Daniel (Adam, #192) was born on 25 Feb 1757. He married Susanna Hoy (see #97), daughter ofAlbrecht Heu and Susanna Schnewli, in 1790.310 He died on 25 May 1841 at age 84.

Reference: P7. He Fought in Revolutionary War. Received bounty land warrant in 1789 for land in Dauphin County as payment for his service. Does not appear in 1790 and 1800 censuses, but presumably lived in Lyken's Township, Dauphin Co. Buried in Hoffman's Church cemetery, north of Loyalton, Pa.

Children of Andreas7 Daniel and Susanna Hoy (see #97) were as follows:

97Susanna7 Hoy (Albrecht Heu, #194) was born in 1768. She married Andreas Daniel (see #96), son of Adam Daniel and Christina Barbara Kleist, in 1790.311 She died in 1851.

Reference: P8.

98John Peter7 Willard Jr. (John, #196) was born on 5 Dec 1772 at Dauphin, PA, US.312,313 He married Catherine Anna Maria Hoffman (see #99), daughter of Johann Andreas Hoffman and Anna Margaretha Umholtz, before 1796. He died in 1814.314,315 He was buried at Hoffmans Church Cemetery, Lykens, Dauphin, PA, US. He was in Military service in the War of 1812 circa 1812.

Children of John Peter7 Willard Jr. and Catherine Anna Maria Hoffman (see #99) were as follows:

99Catherine Anna Maria7 Hoffman (Johann, #198) was born on 7 Dec 1778 at Dauphin, PA, US.317 She married John Peter Willard Jr. (see #98), son of John Peter Willard and Magdalena Jury, before 1796. She died on 5 Nov 1847 at Dauphin, PA, US, at age 68. She was buried at Hoffman's (St. Peter's) Church, Dauphin, PA, US.

Reference: P443. GEDCOM tag: BAPT in Jan 1776 at Lower Heidelberg Twp, Dauphin, PA, US.318

100John (2)7 Snyder (Leonard, #200) was born in 1794 at Lancaster, PA, US.319 He married an unknown person.

Reference: P713.

Children of John (2)7 Snyder include:

102J. Hendrich7 Wirth (Johann Wert, #204) was born on 22 Dec 1769.320,321 He married Elizabeth Enderline (see #103), daughter of John Michael Enderlein andAnna Barbara Pfister.322,323 He died on 2 Jun 1846 at age 76.324,325

Children of J. Hendrich7 Wirth and Elizabeth Enderline (see #103) were:

103Elizabeth7 Enderline (John Enderlein, #206) was born on 30 Nov 1771.326,327 She married J. Hendrich Wirth (see #102), son of Johann Adam Wert and Eva Elizabeth Schnug.328,329 She died on 6 Sep 1838 at age 66.330,331

104John7 Miller (John, #208) was born on 5 Nov 1777 at Northumberland, PA, US. He married Ann Catherine Seiler (see #105), daughter of Yost Seiler and Elizabeth Heckardt. He died on 6 Jul 1861 at Jackson Twp., Dauphin, PA, US, at age 83.

Reference: P448.

Children of John7 Miller and Ann Catherine Seiler (see #105) were:

105Ann Catherine7 Seiler (Yost, #210) was born on 5 May 1783. She married John Miller (see #104), son of John (2) Miller and Veronica Kerstetter. She died on 21 Aug 1865 at age 82.

Reference: P449. She Seiler was also spelled Sauler.

108Johann Theodor7 Webner (Johann, #216) was born on 21 Nov 1781 at Steinwenden, Pfalz, DE. He married Christina Heiser (see #109), daughter of John Heiser and Christina Schwenk, on 27 Mar 1809.

Reference: P254. He AKA Webner, John Theodore.

Children of Johann Theodor7 Webner and Christina Heiser (see #109) were:

109Christina7 Heiser (John, #218) was born on 25 Jul 1788 at Schuylkill Co., PA, US.332,333 She married Johann Theodor Webner (see #108), son of Johann Georg Webner and Johanna Elisabetha Catharina Rittmann, on 27 Mar 1809. She died on 28 Jun 1871 at age 82. Baptism sponsors were George Kimmel and wife Maria Elizabeth on 25 Oct 1788.334

110John Paul7 Enderlein (John, #206) was born on 19 Feb 1767.335 He married Charlotte Snooke.336 He married Anna Marie Hammarman (see #111), daughter of John Philip Hammarman, circa 1812.337 He died on 7 Apr 1844 at age 77.

Reference: P276.

Children of John Paul7 Enderlein and Anna Marie Hammarman (see #111) were as follows:

111Anna Marie7 Hammarman (John, #222) was born on 5 Jan 1783. She married John Paul Enderlein (see #110), son of John Michael Enderlein and Anna Barbara Pfister, circa 1812.339 She died in 1833.

Reference: P278. She last name variant Harman.

Generation Eight

144Joseph8 Passmore (William, #288) was born 1 Mar 1738 1738 at Wilmington, DE, US.340,341,342 He married Elizabeth Martin (see #145).343 He died on 25 Nov 1767.344

He They had 6 children. He died before the birth of the 6th. The children are: Elizabeth, Lydia, Joseph (1761), Enoch (1767-1842), a shoe merchant, married Rebecca Evans, and ABRAHAM (4GGF) who was also a blacksmith.345

Children of Joseph8 Passmore and Elizabeth Martin (see #145) were as follows:

145Elizabeth8 Martin married Joseph Passmore (see #144), son ofWilliam Passmore and Mary Heald.352 She died after 1767.353

146Gainer8 Peirce married mother of Susan Pearce (see #147).354

He was Type: Military service 'Gainer Peirce fought in the Revolutionary War (a very unQuakerlike action).' according to Dale Young.

Children of Gainer8 Peirce and mother of Susan Pearce (see #147) were:

147mother of Susan8 Pearce marriedGainer Peirce (see #146).355

She Dale Young should have info. Do I have his family tree?

148Conrad8 Hertzog was born before 1755.356 He married an unknown person. He was buried at Meek Cemetery, Patton Township, Centre, PA.357

Reference: P1654. He In census 1800 for Conrad Hartsock, there is one female > 45, presumably his spouse. Also 2 males 10-16, one of which would have been Abram, 2 16-25, no other females. Other Hartsocks in 1800 live in Huntington and Bedford counties. He was Type: Immigration Listed on foreigners imported on the ship Priscilla, William Wilson, captain, from Rotterdam. Qualified Sept. 12, 1750 at Palatine, DE.358 He lived at Frederick, MD, US.359

Children of Conrad8 Hertzog include:

176Adam8 Mauny (Hans Many, #352) was born circa 1750 at DE.363 He married Maria Catharine Hilgert (see #177), daughter of Johann Franz Hilgert and Christina Mauny, in 1772 at Clarion Co, PA, US.364,365,366,367 He died in 1818 at Hawthorn (Redbank Twp), Clarion Co, PA, US.368,369 He was buried in 1818 at Alcola Cemetery, Red Bank Twp, Clarion Co, PA, US.370

He was also known as Adam Mohney. He `Revolutionary War' annotated on Clarence Shirey pedigree chart.371

Children of Adam8 Mauny and Maria Catharine Hilgert (see #177) were as follows:

177Maria Catharine8 Hilgert (Johann, #354) was born circa 1752.379,380 She married Adam Mauny (see #176), son of Hans Adam Many and Maria Dorothea ?, in 1772 at Clarion Co, PA, US.381,382,383,384 She died in 1841 at Hawthorn (Redbank Twp), Clarion Co, PA, US.385,386,387

192Adam8 Daniel (Hans, #384) was baptized on 5 Aug 1714 at Pfeffelbach, Pfalz, DE. He married Christina Barbara Kleist (see #193) in 1754. He died in 1777.

Reference: P1. He Immigrated from Germany in 1738 aboard the Robert and Oliver, sailing from Rottersdam to Philadelphia. Settled in Berks Co., Pa in Richard Penn's Manor of Andulhea. Purchased land in 1749 and in 1770. His will, dated 17770000, is recorded at the Register of Wills in Reading, Pa. He was a farmer. = 1749 in 1749 atBerks, PA, US.388

Children of Adam8 Daniel and Christina Barbara Kleist (see #193) were as follows:

193Christina Barbara8 Kleist married Adam Daniel (see #192), son of Hans Georg Daniel and Maria Barbel ?, in 1754. She died in 1787.

Reference: P2.

194Albrecht8 Heu (Carl, #388) was born in 1737 at DE.391 He married Susanna Schnewli (see #195), daughter of Hans Schnewli and Elisabeth Huser, on 17 Mar 1759 at Host Ref Church, Wolmesdorf, Berks, PA, US.392,393 He died on 22 Apr 1808 at Berks, PA, US.394

He was also known as Albert Hoy. As of 1760, Albrecht Heu lived at Berks, PA, US.395

Children of Albrecht8 Heu and Susanna Schnewli (see #195) were:

195Susanna8 Schnewli (Hans, #390) was born on 23 Jul 1738 at Affoltern am Albis, Knonaueramt, Zurich, CH.396 She married Albrecht Heu (see #194), son of Carl Heu and Maria Eva ?, on 17 Mar 1759 atHost Ref Church, Wolmesdorf, Berks, PA, US.397,398 She died in 1820.399,400

She was also known as Susanna Snavley. She Emigrated 2 May 1749 to Pennsylvania with father. She was Type: EMIG on 2 May 1749 at PA, US. As of 1760, Susanna Schnewli lived at Berks, PA, US.401

196John Peter8 Willard was born on 21 Jan 1745 at CH.402,403 He married Magdalena Jury (see #197), daughter of Abraham Jury and Catarina Guerne. He died on 15 Aug 1821 at Dauphin, PA, US, at age 76. He was buried at Hoffman's Church, Lykens Twp, Dauphin Co, PA, US.

Reference: P626. He Said to have been Swiss Huguenot, deserter from English side in Revolutionary War. Plaque in Hoffman's cemetery asserts this. Name spelled variously Willard, Williard, Will, Wiell, Ville, probably others. After revolution took up residence on tract in Lykens Twp called 'Amsterdam.' He immigrated on 14 Sep 1754.404,405

Children of John Peter8 Willard and Magdalena Jury (see #197) were as follows:

197Magdalena8 Jury (Abraham, #394) was born between 6 Oct 1745 and 1747 at Belprahon, Bern, CH. She married John Peter Willard (see #196). She died on 2 Oct 1822 at Dauphin, PA, US. She was buried at Hoffmans Church Cemetery, Lykens, PA, US.

She was also known as Magdelena Jury Is this a typo? Reference: P627. She Immigrated from Switzerland 1754 with father. Mentioned as second daughter in father's will.

198Johann Andreas8 Hoffman (Johann, #396) was born in 1731.406 He married Eva Schnabel ,,,,DE at 8 Jun 1751.407 He married Anna Margaretha Umholtz (see #199). He died after 1784.

He was also known as Andreas Hoffman. Reference: P628. He Where is he buried? What is his death date? He lived before 1772 at Zuzenhausen bei Heidelberg, Baden-Wuertemberg, DE.408 He immigrated in 1772.409,410

Children of Johann Andreas8 Hoffman and Anna Margaretha Umholtz (see #199) were:

199Anna Margaretha8 Umholtz411,412married Johann Andreas Hoffman (see #198), son of Johann Christoph Hoffman and Anna Elisabeth ?

She was also known as Anna Margaretha ? Reference: P629.

200Leonard8 Snyder (?, #400) married an unknown person.

Reference: P714. 413

Children of Leonard8 Snyder include:

204Johann Adam8 Wert (J. Wirth, #408) was born on 28 Jul 1727 at Berod, Westwald, DE.414,415 He married Eva Elizabeth Schnug (see #205), daughter of J. Matthias Schnug and Anna C. Heylmon, on 3 Aug 1755 at Lebanon, PA, US.416,417 He died on 25 Aug 1806 at age 79.418,419

Children of Johann Adam8 Wert and Eva Elizabeth Schnug (see #205) were:

205Eva Elizabeth8 Schnug (J., #410) was born circa 1730.420,421 She married Johann Adam Wert (see #204), son of J. Jacob Wirth and Maria Eva Sohn, on 3 Aug 1755 at Lebanon, PA, US.422,423 She died circa 1800.424,425

206John Michael8 Enderlein (Michael Anderlein, #412) was born on 1 Sep 1726 at Fischbach bei Saarbr\'ucken, Saarland, DE.426 He married Anna Barbara Pfister (see #207), daughter of Martin Pfeister and Susanna ?, on 10 Nov 1760.427 He died on 29 Mar 1800 at age 73.

Reference: P277.

Children of John Michael8 Enderlein and Anna Barbara Pfister (see #207) were as follows:

207Anna Barbara8 Pfister (Martin Pfeister, #414) married John Michael Enderlein (see #206), son of Michael Anderlein andSara? Maria? ?, on 10 Nov 1760.429 She died on 15 Feb 1782.

Reference: P279.

208John (2)8 Miller (Christopher, #416) was born in 1751 at Baden-Wuerttemburg, DE. He married Veronica Kerstetter (see #209), daughter of Sebastian Kerstetter andMagdalena Diebler. He died in 1812 at County Line, PA, US. He was buried at Stone Valley Cemetery, Northumberland Co, PA, US.

Reference: P450. He According to Forrest Miller's genealogy, this John Miller emigrated from Wurttemberg, Germany, where he left one brother named Casper Miller. Lived below County Line, Pa., where he died. Among the sons were Daniel, Peter, Jacob, and John. After their father died, these sons, with their widowed mother, came to Armstrong Valley, Dauphin Co., Pa. to settle. Believe there is a different version of this lineage? From Herb's notes: Reared in Lebanon Twp, Lancaster Co./James Miller. Revolutionary War private second class in Capt Martin Weaver's Co of Upper Paxtang listed 23 Apr 1781/ served west bank of Susquehanna River in what is now Snyder Co. in a short period until the spring crops were in. Lived near malta.

Children of John (2)8 Miller and Veronica Kerstetter (see #209) were:

209Veronica8 Kerstetter (Sebastian, #418)430 was born on 9 Apr 1752.431 She married John (2) Miller (see #208), son ofChristopher Miller and Margaretha Barbara Schuppinger. She died before 1800 at Dauphin, PA, US.432,433 She was buried between 1817 and 1818 at Stone Valley, Northumberland, PA, US.434,435,436

She was also known as Fronica Kerstetter.437 She was also known as Frances Kerstetter.438 Baptized at Hill Evangelical Lutheran Church, (near?) Cleona, PA, US.439 Reference: P451.

210Yost8 Seiler (Sebastian, #420) was born circa 1753.440 He married Elizabeth Heckardt (see #211) on 10 Mar 1777.441

He was also known as Yost Sauler. Reference: P452.

Children of Yost8 Seiler and Elizabeth Heckardt (see #211) were:

211Elizabeth8 Heckardt married Yost Seiler (see #210), son of Sebastian Seiler, on 10 Mar 1777.442

Reference: P453.

216Johann Georg8 Webner (Johannes, #432) was born at Kreuznach, Pfalz, DE. He married Johanna Elisabetha Catharina Rittmann (see #217).

Reference: P255. He resided in 1781 at Steinwenden, Pfalz, DE.443

Children of Johann Georg8 Webner and Johanna Elisabetha Catharina Rittmann (see #217) were:

217Johanna Elisabetha Catharina8 Rittmann married Johann Georg Webner (see #216), son of Johannes Webner and Maria Dorothea Cullmann.

Reference: P256.

218John8 Heiser (John, #436) was born in 1760. He married Christina Schwenk (see #219), daughter of Marcus Schwenk and Dorothea ? He died on 24 Sep 1814 at Schuylkill Co, PA, US.444 He was buried at Zion Red Cemetery, PA, US.

He was also known as Henry Heiser.445 He was also known as Heinrich Heiser.446 He Served in Revolutionary War in Capt. Wheston's Brunswick Co.447

Children of John8 Heiser and Christina Schwenk (see #219) were:

219Christina8 Schwenk (Marcus, #438) was born circa 1760 at Bern Twp, Berks Co, PA, US.449 She married John Heiser (see #218), son of John Adam Heiser and Anna Maria ? She died in 1832.450

She was also known as Magdalena Schwenk.451 She was also known as Maria Magdalena Schwenk.452 Reference: P455.

220John Michael8 Enderlein (Michael Anderlein, #412) was born on 1 Sep 1726 at Fischbach bei Saarbr\'ucken, Saarland, DE.453 He married Anna Barbara Pfister (see #207), daughter of Martin Pfeister and Susanna ?, on 10 Nov 1760.454 He died on 29 Mar 1800 at age 73.

Reference: P277.

Children of John Michael8 Enderlein and Anna Barbara Pfister (see #207) were as follows:

221Anna Barbara8 Pfister (Martin Pfeister, #414) married John Michael Enderlein (see #206), son of Michael Anderlein andSara? Maria? ?, on 10 Nov 1760.456 She died on 15 Feb 1782.

Reference: P279.

222John Philip8 Hammarman married an unknown person.

Reference: P280.

Children of John Philip8 Hammarman include:

Generation Nine

288William9 Passmore (John, #576) was born on 16 Nov 1703 at Berkshire, England, GB.457 He married Mary Heald (see #289), daughter ofJohn Heald and Martha Foden, 5 Apr 1724 4 Jan 1724 at PA, US.458,459,460,461 He died in 1744 at Kennet, Chester, PA, US.462

He ``Will: PASSMORE, WILLIAM Kennet, yeoman. 7/24/1744, October 13, 1744, b168. To 2 sons Humphrey and Enoch, my plantation where I now live, containing about 400 acres, when 21. To sons JOSEPH (my line) and George, my tract on land on west side of Susquehanna, when 21. To daughter Lydia, Hannah, and Phebe Passmore my land in Brandywine Hundred containing about 50 acres; also my interest in 140 acres adj above, and houses and lotts in Newport, and 20 acres in Kennet. To daughters Mary and Susanna Passmore, my land in Christiana Hundred, containing about 197 acres, when 18. ''463

Children of William9 Passmore and Mary Heald (see #289) were as follows:

289Mary9 Heald (John, #578) was born at Kennett, Chester, PA, US.473,474 She married William Passmore (see #288), son ofJohn Passmore and Mary C. Buxcey, 5 Apr 1724 4 Jan 1724 at PA, US.475,476,477,478 She died after 1745.479,480

352Hans Adam9 Many (Jacob Mani, #704) was born circa 3 Dec 1725 at Alsace, FR.481 He married Maria Dorothea ? (see #353) circa 1750.482

He was also known as Hans Adam Mohney. He Immigrant ancestor. (Annotation on Clarence Shirey pedigree chart.). Unrecognized

Children of Hans Adam9 Many and Maria Dorothea ? (see #353) were:

353Maria Dorothea9 ? was born circa 1725.484 She married Hans Adam Many (see #352), son of Jacob Mani and Anna Maria Werli, circa 1750.485

354Johann Franz9 Hilgert was born on 1 Feb 1722 at DE.486 He married Christina Mauny (see #355) before 1752.487,488 He died on 19 Aug 1797 at Upper Mt. Bethel Twp, Northampton Co, PA, US, at age 75.489

Children of Johann Franz9 Hilgert and Christina Mauny (see #355) were:

355Christina9 Mauny married Johann Franz Hilgert (see #354) before 1752.490,491 She died.492

She was also known as Christina Mohney.

384Hans Georg9 Daniel marriedMaria Barbel ? (see #385).

Reference: P263.

Children of Hans Georg9 Daniel and Maria Barbel ? (see #385) were as follows:

385Maria Barbel9married Hans Georg Daniel (see #384).

Reference: P264.

388Carl9 Heu was born circa 1712 at DE.493 He married Maria Eva ? (see #389) before 1737 at DE.494,495 He died after 1759.496

Children of Carl9 Heu and Maria Eva ? (see #389) were:

389Maria Eva9 ? was born circa 1712 at DE.497,498 She married Carl Heu (see #388) before 1737 at DE.499,500 She died before 1751 at DE.501,502

390Hans9 Schnewli (Hans, #780) was born on 30 Apr 1699 at Affoltern am Albis, Knonaueramt, Zurich, CH.503 He married Barbara ? after 1749 at Berks, PA, US.504,505 He died in May 1773 at Bethel Township, Lancaster, PA, US, at age 74.506,507

He was also known as John Snavley. Reference: D-III-2.? He Lincke's D-III-2.? (son of Hans Heinrich S, called 'Othlis', brother of Othmar who emigrated 1729). Emigrated 2 May 1749 to Pennsylvania with 3 children according to Lincke. Listed as 'Hans SCHENEEBLY' on: 11 Sep 1749 - Ship - 'Priscilla' - William Meir, Capt. .... He emigrated together with 3 of his children, Hans, Susanna, and Hans Heinrich. Son Hans died in 1749 in Philadelphia. The 'Jacob SHNABELY' on the same ship may be the same one who emigrated in 1747. He returned for a visit and convinced many of his kin to emigrate.

Children of Hans9 Schnewli and Elisabeth Huser (see #391) all born at Affoltern am Albis, Knonaueramt, Zurich, CH, were as follows:

391Elisabeth9 Huser.

394Abraham9 Jury (Isaac, #788) was born on 19 Mar 1718 at Belprahon, Bern, CH. He married Catarina Guerne (see #395), daughter of Jean (John) Guerne. He died in Aug 1785 at Upper Paxton Twp, Dauphin, PA, US, at age 67. He was buried atSt Davids Cemetery, Killinger, Dauphin, PA, US.516

He Notes from Herb: Served revolutionary war. Immigrated ship nancy 14 sept 1754. AKA Joray/Zora/Shora. Tax list Wisconisco District 1778-1782. Overseer poor Paxtang Twp 1779; constable 1784. French hugenot descent. Census Upper Paxton Twp, Dauphin Co, Pa 1790 & 1800.

Children of Abraham9 Jury and Catarina Guerne (see #395) were as follows:

395Catarina9 Guerne (Jean, #790) was born circa 1722 at Eschert, Bern, CH. She married Abraham Jury (see #394), son of Isaac Jury and Marguerite Belat. She died before 15 Feb 1785 at Upper Paxton Twp, Dauphin Co, PA, US. She was buried.520

She Mentioned as deceased in Abraham's will of 22 Sept 1785.

396Johann Christoph9 Hoffman (Hans, #792) was born in 1683 at DE.521 He married Anna Elisabeth ? (see #397).522 He died in 1752 at DE.523

Children of Johann Christoph9 Hoffman and Anna Elisabeth ? (see #397) were:

397Anna Elisabeth9 ? was born circa 1683 at DE.524 She married Johann Christoph Hoffman (see #396), son of Hans Casper Hoffman and Elisabetha Kraus.525 She died after 1731 at DE.526,527

She Person Source.528

400?9 Snyder married an unknown person.

Reference: P715.

Children of ?9 Snyder include:

408J. Jacob9 Wirth (Heinrich, #816) was born on 11 Feb 1697.530,531 He married Maria Eva Sohn (see #409), daughter of J. Peter Sohn and Margreth Fruen ?532 He died circa 1734 at Hochstenbach, Pfalz, DE.533,534

Children of J. Jacob9 Wirth and Maria Eva Sohn (see #409) were:

409Maria Eva9 Sohn (J., #818) was born on 1 Jul 1704.535,536 She married J. Jacob Wirth (see #408), son of Heinrich Wirth and A. Gerthalt Muiller.537 She died on 13 Mar 1784 at Hochstenbach, Pfalz, DE, at age 79.538,539

410J. Matthias9 Schnug (Adam, #820) was born on 6 Jan 1711.540,541 He married Anna C. Heylmon (see #411).542 He died circa 1795.543,544

Children of J. Matthias9 Schnug and Anna C. Heylmon (see #411) were:

411Anna C.9 Heylmon married J. Matthias Schnug (see #410), son of Adam Schnug and Eliesebeth Errtraut.545

She Person Source.546 She Ask Herb where from.

412Michael9 Anderlein was born circa 1697 at DE.547,548 He married Sara? Maria? ? (see #413) on 13 Jan 1722 at Fischbach, Saarland, DE.549 He died in 1730 at Fischbach, Saarland, DE.550

Children of Michael9 Anderlein and Sara? Maria? ? (see #413) were:

413Sara? Maria?9 ?551 was born circa 1700.552 She married Michael Anderlein (see #412) on 13 Jan 1722 at Fischbach, Saarland, DE.553

414Martin9 Pfeister married Susanna ? (see #415).554,555

He was also known as J. Pfeister Ask Herb where from.556 He was also known as J. Pfeiffer Ask Herb where from.557

Children of Martin9 Pfeister and Susanna ? (see #415) were:

415Susanna9married Martin Pfeister (see #414).558,559

416Christopher9 Miller was born in 1714 at DE. He married Margaretha Barbara Schuppinger (see #417).560 He died in 1776 at Lebanon Twp, Lancaster, PA, US.

He Emigrated 7 Feb 1739 ship Jamaica Galley, qualified 7 Feb 1739.

Children of Christopher9 Miller and Margaretha Barbara Schuppinger (see #417) were:

417Margaretha Barbara9 Schuppinger was born on 25 May 1724. She married Christopher Miller (see #416).561 She died on 18 Apr 1798 at age 73. She was buried at Schartzwald Church Cemetery, Exeter Twp, Berks, PA, US.

418Sebastian9 Kerstetter (Johann Kirstaetter, #836)562married Magdalena Diebler (see #419) on 11 Jul 1751.563 He died in 1787 at Snyder Co, PA, US.564

He was also known as Bastian Kerstetter.

Children of Sebastian9 Kerstetter and Magdalena Diebler (see #419) were:

419Magdalena9 Diebler married Sebastian Kerstetter (see #418), son of Johann Martin Kirstaetter and Maria Dorothea Frey, on 11 Jul 1751.565 She died.566

She Magdalena and Sebastian had seven children. Those note listed here can be found in source 552, The Kerstetter Family. She lived from 1752 to 1766 at near Cleona, PA, US.567,568


420Sebastian9 Seiler Person Source.569

Children of Sebastian9 Seiler include:

432Johannes9 Webner married Maria Dorothea Cullmann (see #433).

Reference: P259.

Children of Johannes9 Webner and Maria Dorothea Cullmann (see #433) were:

433Maria Dorothea9 Cullmann married Johannes Webner (see #432). She married an unknown person.

Reference: P260.

436John Adam9 Heiser (Wilhelmi, #872) was born before 6 May 1716 at Gabsheim, Rhein-Hessen, Hessen, DE.570,571 He married Anna Maria ? (see #437) circa 1755.572 He died circa 1788 at Brunswick Twp, Berks Co, PA, US.573,574

He Information from Fred Kunkel: John Adam was born in Gabsheim, Hessen in Germany, and immigrated to America in 1751 on the ship ``Brothers''. He must have married his wife Anna Maria soon after he landed. the first children were married in Bern Twp, Berks Co in the Bern Reformed Church. Rudolph was born in 1754, Ulrich in 1755, Catherine in 1757, Susanna in 1760, Heinrich in 1760 [twins, or Jan/Dec? - Bill], Charles 1763, Adam 24 Jan 1765. Around 1766-1769, the family moved to Brunswick Twp, then Berks but now Schuylkill Co. The first mention of Adam there is 1769. He continues to be listed in the tax rolls until his death in 1788. Sons Rudolph, Ulrich, Charles, and Heinrich fought in the revolutionary war. Further children are mentioned in the orphans court records: George, Frederick, Ernst (all minors), and Susanna. Catherine is listed as wife of Conrad Herman, Susanna as wife of Reinard Schnep. On his death, John Adam owned 150 acres of land, which was sold with proceeds going to his heirs. Ulrich agreed to take over the land and pay his siblings for their shares. Adam's wife Anna Maria is shown living with Ulrich in the 1800 census. Unrecognized The informaton we have from Fred Kunkel quotes a baptismal record in the Mormon IGI. It is from the Roman Catholic church in Gabsheim in Hessen on 6 May 1716 at Gabsheim, Rhein-Hessen, Hessen, DE.575 He immigrated on 17 Sep 1751.576,577

Children of John Adam9 Heiser and Anna Maria ? (see #437) were:

437Anna Maria9married John Adam Heiser (see #436), son of Wilhelmi Heiser and Annae Magdalenae ?, circa 1755.578 She died after 1789.

She was also known as Mary Scott.579 She was also known as Anna Maria Scott.580 She Name from Orphan's Court records, via She Person Source.581

438Marcus9 Schwenk married Dorothea ? (see #439).582 He died.583

He and Dorothea ? Need 2nd child, Margaretha, m. her bro-in-law, Ulrich Heiser. s574.

Children of Marcus9 Schwenk and Dorothea ? (see #439) were:

439Dorothea9married Marcus Schwenk (see #438).584 She died.585

440Michael9 Anderlein was born circa 1697 at DE.586,587 He married Sara? Maria? ? (see #413) on 13 Jan 1722 at Fischbach, Saarland, DE.588 He died in 1730 at Fischbach, Saarland, DE.589

Children of Michael9 Anderlein and Sara? Maria? ? (see #413) were:

441Sara? Maria?9 ?590 was born circa 1700.591 She married Michael Anderlein (see #412) on 13 Jan 1722 at Fischbach, Saarland, DE.592

442Martin9 Pfeister married Susanna ? (see #415).593,594

He was also known as J. Pfeister Ask Herb where from.595 He was also known as J. Pfeiffer Ask Herb where from.596

Children of Martin9 Pfeister and Susanna ? (see #415) were:

443Susanna9married Martin Pfeister (see #414).597,598

Generation Ten

576John10 Passmore (William, #1152) was born circa 1676 at Ruscombe, Berkshire, England, US.599 He married Mary C. Buxcey (see #577) on 3 Nov 1702 at Hurst, Berkshire, England, GB.600 He died on 16 Dec 1746 at West Marborough, Chester, PA, US.601

He ``JOHN PASSMORE, (7GGF) West Marlborough, Chester, PA, emigrated about 1714, and settled in W Marlborough, Chester County, PA. His brother William, settled in Philadelphia, but I'm not sure if they came together or separtely. In England JOHN was married in 1701 to MARY BUXCEY, (7GGM) daughter of HUMPHREY BUXCEY. They had 7 children: WILLIAM (1703-1744) in my line, John (Married Eliz Harris in 1727), Eleanor (married 1736 to George Carson), AUGUSTINE in Jim's line, (1714 - 1782) married to Hannah Howard, George (1719) married in 1742 to Margaret Strode, Mary married to William Pusey (probably Pusey Passmore's line, but nothing for certain), and Samuel (married Susan Butcher). The will extract from 'Wills of Chester County, PA, 1713-1748' by Jacob Martin, indexed by Gilbert Cope (co author with Futhey of the 'History of Chester County')thus published in the last century, reads as follows: Will: PASSMORE, JOHN W MARLBOROUGH, July 14, 1743, December 16, 1746. B213. To Sons William, John and George, 1 shilling each. To son Augustine 30 pounds. To daughter Eleanor Carson 1 shilling, and to her 3 children, viz John, Mary and George Carson 5 pounds each. To daughter Mary Pusey, 30 pounds. To wife Mary all remainder of estate, real and personal during widowhood. Executors: son George and Samuel. Letter to Geo, Saml renouncing.602

Children of John10 Passmore and Mary C. Buxcey (see #577) were:

577Mary C.10 Buxcey was born circa 1692 at Hurst, Berkshire, England, US.603 She married John Passmore (see #576), son of William Passmore and Margery Ball, on 3 Nov 1702 at Hurst, Berkshire, England, GB.604 She died after 1746 at PA, US.605

578John10 Heald married Martha Foden (see #579) in 1701.606 He died before 1743.607

He lived at Morley, Cheshire, England, GB.608 He emigrated in 1703.609,610

Children of John10 Heald and Martha Foden (see #579) were:

579Martha10 Foden married John Heald (see #578) in 1701.611 She married Richard Woodward in 1743.612,613

She lived at Morley, Cheshire, England, GB.614 She ``This is the extract of her will. Will: WOODWARD, MARTHA (FODEN/HEALD) widow W Bradford, Sept 28, 1753, May 28, 1753, D7. To son Thomas Heald 20 shillings. To granddaughter Martha Key, best apparel. To son John Heald, bed and furniture. Remainder to son John and daughter Phebe Yearsley, also executors. Letters to John Heald.615

704Jacob10 Mani (Jacob Manny, #1408) was born in 1691 at DE.616 He married Anna Maria Werli (see #705), daughter of Jacob Werly, on 25 Aug 1716 at Keskastel Lutheran Church, Alsace, FR.617,618,619 He died after 1725 at Northampton Co, PA, US.620

He was also known as Jacob Mohney. He Came to Pennsylvania on the ship Lydia in 1741. A will exists for him from 1764 in Williams Township, Northampton Co., PA in which he mentions his wie Anna Mary, ``children'', and a deceased son Jost.621

Children of Jacob10 Mani and Anna Maria Werli (see #705) were as follows:

705Anna Maria10 Werli (Jacob Werly, #1410) was born circa 1696.629 She married Jacob Mani (see #704), son of Jacob Manny, on 25 Aug 1716 at Keskastel Lutheran Church, Alsace, FR.630,631,632 She died after 1725.633

She was also known as Mary Wehrli.

780Hans Heinrich10 Schnewli (Othmar, #1560) was born on 1 May 1670 at Affoltern am Albis, Knonaueramt, Zurich, CH.634 He died on 22 Nov 1743 at Affoltern am Albis, Knonaueramt, Zurich, CH, at age 73.635

Reference: D-III-2. He called Othlis.

Children of Hans Heinrich10 Schnewli and Anna Scheeweli Rutsch (see #781) all born at Affoltern am Albis, Knonaueramt, Zurich, CH, were as follows:

781Anna Scheeweli10 Rutsch.

788Isaac10 Jury (Jean Joray, #1576) was baptized on 25 Dec 1687 at Moutier, CH. He marriedMagdeline Pretiz\Precoz circa 1712. He married Marguerite Belat (see #789), daughter of Abraham Belat, on 21 May 1715. He died at Prob Alon, CH.

He AKA Joray.

Children of Isaac10 Jury and Marguerite Belat (see #789) were:

789Marguerite10 Belat (Abraham, #1578) was born circa 1691 at Belprahon, CH. She married Isaac Jury, son of Abraham Jury and Catarina Guerne, on 21 May 1715. She married Isaac Jury (see #788), son of Jean Joray and Catherine Joray, on 21 May 1715.

She Second wife married 21 May 1715 Mother of the two known children.

790Jean (John)10 Guerne.

Children of Jean (John)10 Guerne include:

792Hans Casper10 Hoffman was born at DE.650 He married Elisabetha Kraus (see #793) at DE.651 He died at DE.652

Children of Hans Casper10 Hoffman and Elisabetha Kraus (see #793) were:

793Elisabetha10 Kraus was born at DE.653 She married Hans Casper Hoffman (see #792) atDE.654 She died at DE.655

816Heinrich10 Wirth was born circa 1670 at Winkelbach, Hessen-Nassau, DE.656,657 He married A. Gerthalt Muiller (see #817) on 27 Nov 1694.658,659 He died on 4 Mar 1735.660,661

Children of Heinrich10 Wirth and A. Gerthalt Muiller (see #817) were:

817A. Gerthalt10 Muiller was born circa 1760.662,663 She married Heinrich Wirth (see #816) on 27 Nov 1694.664,665 She died on 24 Jan 1740.666,667

818J. Peter10 Sohn (J., #1636) married Margreth Fruen ? (see #819).668 He died on 9 Nov 1749.669,670

Children of J. Peter10 Sohn and Margreth Fruen ? (see #819) were:

819Margreth Fruen10 ? was born circa 1675.671,672 She married J. Peter Sohn (see #818), son of J. Theiss Sohn and Catharina ?673 She died after 1725.674,675

820Adam10 Schnug (Heinrich, #1640) was born circa 1684.676,677 He married Eliesebeth Errtraut (see #821).678 He died on 3 Jan 1741.679,680

Children of Adam10 Schnug and Eliesebeth Errtraut (see #821) were:

821Eliesebeth10 Errtraut was born circa 1680.681,682 She married Adam Schnug (see #820), son of Heinrich Schnug and Johanetta ?683 She died on 4 Sep 1753.684,685

836Johann Martin10 Kirstaetter (Leonhardt, #1672)686married Maria Dorothea Frey (see #837), daughter of Johann Martin Frey and Anna Apollonia Junger, on 29 Apr 1727 at Lutheran church, Neckarbischofsheim, Baden-Wuerttemberg, DE.687,688 He married Magdalena Huckenberger after 17 n 9 at PA, US.689 He died in 1759 at PA, US.690,691

He There is an entire chapter on Martin Kirstaetter and his family in Steve Kerstetter's book, including information on their land purchases, oaths of loyalty, his will, their residence very near Hill Church by Cleona. Baptised 5 Sep 1697 15 Sep 1697 at Obergimpern, Baden-Wuerttemberg, DE.692 He immigrated in 1727.693

Children of Johann Martin10 Kirstaetter and Maria Dorothea Frey (see #837) were:

837Maria Dorothea10 Frey (Johann, #1674) was born circa 1700.694 She married Johann Martin Kirstaetter (see #836), son of Leonhardt Kirstaetter and Anna Ursula ?, on 29 Apr 1727 at Lutheran church, Neckarbischofsheim, Baden-Wuerttemberg, DE.695,696 She died circa 1741 at near Cleona, Lebanon, PA, US.697,698

She lived in 1727 at Bonfeld, Baden-Wuerttemberg, DE.699 She immigrated in 1727.700

872Wilhelmi10 Heiser was born circa 1690.701,702 He married Annae Magdalenae ? (see #873).703 He died.704

Children of Wilhelmi10 Heiser and Annae Magdalenae ? (see #873) were:

873Annae Magdalenae10 ? was born circa 1690.705,706 She married Wilhelmi Heiser (see #872).707 She died.708

Generation Eleven

1152William11 Passmore (Thomas, #2304) was born circa 1635 at Ruscombe, Berkshire, England, GB.709 He married Margery Ball (see #1153) on 6 Jan 1654 at England, GB.710 He died after 1676 at England, GB.711

Children of William11 Passmore and Margery Ball (see #1153) were:

1153Margery11 Ball was born circa 1638 at Russscombe, Berkshire, England, GB.712 She married William Passmore (see #1152), son of Thomas Passmore and Ellen Winch, on 6 Jan 1654 at England, GB.713 She died at England, GB.714

1408Jacob11 Manny married an unknown person.715 He died on 18 Mar 1725 at Altwiller, Alsace, FR.716

He lived at Dotzingen, Bern, CH.

Children of Jacob11 Manny include:

1410Jacob11 Werly was born circa 1670.717 He married an unknown person at Dolen, Bern, CH.718 He died on 7 Mar 1725 at Altwiller, Alsace, FR.719

Children of Jacob11 Werly include:

1560Othmar11 Schnewli (Hans, #3120) was born on 1 Aug 1630 at Affoltern am Albis, Knonaueramt, Zurich, CH.720 He died on 27 Jul 1694 at Trottenhausen, Alsace, FR, at age 63.721

Reference: D-III-1. He 4 other children not recorded here yet.

Children of Othmar11 Schnewli and Elisabeth Kuentzlin (see #1561) were as follows:

1561Elisabeth11 Kuentzlin.

1576Jean11 Joray (Isaac, #3152) was baptized on 22 Apr 1666 at Moutier, CH. He marriedCatherine Joray (see #1577), daughter of Isaac Joray, on 19 Mar 1685.

He was also known as John Joray.

Children of Jean11 Joray and Catherine Joray (see #1577) were:

1577Catherine11 Joray (Isaac, #3154) was born on 7 Nov 1671. She married Jean Joray (see #1576), son of Isaac Joray and Marguerite ?????, on 19 Mar 1685.

She Check the Jury records to see if her *maiden* name is really Joray!

1578Abraham11 Belat died at Belprahon, CH.

Children of Abraham11 Belat include:

1636J. Theiss11 Sohn was born circa 1650.722,723 He married Catharina ? (see #1637).724 He died on 21 Nov 1707.725,726

Children of J. Theiss11 Sohn and Catharina ? (see #1637) were:

1637Catharina11 ? was born circa 1650.727,728 She married J. Theiss Sohn (see #1636).729 She died after 1685.730,731

1640Heinrich11 Schnug was born circa 1660.732,733 He married Johanetta ? (see #1641).734 He died on 8 Oct 1719.735,736

Children of Heinrich11 Schnug and Johanetta ? (see #1641) were:

1641Johanetta11 ? was born circa 1655.737,738 She married Heinrich Schnug (see #1640).739 She died on 7 Jun 1732.740,741

1672Leonhardt11 Kirstaetter (Wolf Kirstetter, #3344) was born , , , , DE.742,743 He married Anna Ursula ? (see #1673) , , , , DE.744,745

Children of Leonhardt11 Kirstaetter and Anna Ursula ? (see #1673) were:

1673Anna Ursula11 ? was born , , , , DE.746 She married Leonhardt Kirstaetter (see #1672), son of Wolf Kirstetter and Magdalena ?, , , , , DE.747,748

1674Johann Martin11 Frey749married Anna Apollonia Junger (see #1675) at DE.750,751

Children of Johann Martin11 Frey and Anna Apollonia Junger (see #1675) were:

1675Anna Apollonia11 Junger752married Johann Martin Frey (see #1674) atDE.753,754

Generation Twelve

2304Thomas12 Passmore (Thomas, #4608) was born in 1614 at Bray, England, GB.755 He married Ellen Winch (see #2305).756 He died in 1651 at England GB.757

Children of Thomas12 Passmore and Ellen Winch (see #2305) were:

2305Ellen12 Winch was born at Bray, England, GB.758 She married Thomas Passmore (see #2304), son ofThomas Passmore and Elleyn Westraw.759

3120Hans Jakob12 Schnewli (Heinrich, #6240) was born in 1588 at Affoltern am Albis, Knonaueramt, Zurich, CH.760

He Lincke refers to him as Taeufer, i.e. Anabaptist.

Children of Hans Jakob12 Schnewli all born Affoltern am Albis, Knonaueramt, Zurich, CH include:

3152Isaac12 Joray was born circa 1640 at Moutier, CH.

Children of Isaac12 Joray and Marguerite ????? (see #3153) were:

3153Marguerite12 ????? was born on 7 Nov 1671.

She Mother of 2 sons.

3154Isaac12 Joray (Lyenard, #6308) was born circa 1640 at CH.

He Married before 1671.

Children of Isaac12 Joray include:

3344Wolf12 Kirstetter (Wolfein Kurstetter, #6688) was born circa 1618 at Obergimpern, DE.763 He married Magdalena ? (see #3345).764

Children of Wolf12 Kirstetter and Magdalena ? (see #3345) were:

3345Magdalena12married Wolf Kirstetter (see #3344), son ofWolfein Kurstetter.765

She Person Source.766

Generation Thirteen

4608Thomas13 Passmore was born circa 1590.767 He married Elleyn Westraw (see #4609).768 He died after 1614.769

As of 1614, Thomas Passmore lived at Bray, England, GB.

Children of Thomas13 Passmore and Elleyn Westraw (see #4609) were:

4609Elleyn13 Westraw was born circa 1590.770,771 She married Thomas Passmore (see #4608).772 She died after 1614.773

As of 1614, Elleyn Westraw lived at Bray, England, GB.

6240Heinrich13 Schnewli (Heinrich, #12480).

Children of Heinrich13 Schnewli and spouse ? (see #6241) were:

6241spouse13 ?

6308Lyenard13 Joray was born circa 1619 at Name And Connection Umproven. He married ? ? (see #6309) before 1671.

Children of Lyenard13 Joray and ? ? (see #6309) were:

6309?13 ? was born circa 1623. She married Lyenard Joray (see #6308) before 1671.

6688Wolfein13 Kurstetter (Wolff, #13376) married an unknown person.774

Children of Wolfein13 Kurstetter include:

Generation Fourteen

12480Heinrich14 Schnewli (Heinrich, #24960) was born in 1532 at Affoltern am Albis, Knonaueramt, Zurich, CH.775 He died in 1570 at Affoltern am Albis, Knonaueramt, Zurich, CH.776

Children of Heinrich14 Schnewli include:

13376Wolff14 Kurstetter was born circa 1575. He married Anna ????? (see #13377).777

Children of Wolff14 Kurstetter and Anna ????? (see #13377) were:

13377Anna14 ????? married Wolff Kurstetter (see #13376).778

Generation Fifteen

24960Heinrich15 Schnewli (Johannes, #49920) was born in 1500 at Affoltern am Albis, Knonaueramt, Zurich, CH.779 He died in 1534 at Affoltern am Albis, Knonaueramt, Zurich, CH.780

Reference: D. He Called Heinrich von Loo in Lincke's book; Loo is place near Affoltern.

Children of Heinrich15 Schnewli include:

Generation Sixteen

49920Johannes16 Schnewli (Johannes, #99840) was born circa 1445 at Affoltern am Albis, Knonaueramt, Zurich, CH.784

He Head of the Schnewli family in Affoltern, according to Ernst Albert Lincke.

Children of Johannes16 Schnewli and Verena Hedinger (see #49921) were:

49921Verena16 Hedinger.

Generation Seventeen


99840Johannes17 Schnewli lived at Talwil, Zurich, CH.

Children of Johannes17 Schnewli include:

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