George Washington Mohney and the Pennsylvania 67th Regiment

My great-great grandfather George Washington Mohney served in the Pennsylvania 67th Regiment in the civil war. With the help of Dave Wilson, I put together the following information on the activities of the 67th, together with some links to other information on the net. (Once you know where the regiment fought, there's lots of additional information out there.)

We are lucky to have a fairly detailed picture of George Mohney's life through his Civil War pension files. He enlisted as a corporal in Company F, 67th Regiment of the Regular Pennsylvania Volunteers on December 12, 1861, served as a sergeant under Captain Flocks from December 31, 1863 on, and was discharged on July 14, 1865 at Halls Hill, Virginia. Since then his occupation was farmer.

The Regiment's history, kindly passed on to me by Dave Wilson, outlines the engagements of the 67th Regiment. A brief chronology follows. See the end of the page for links to maps at other sites showing battlefields of Virginia for 1862 to 1864. I found them extremely helpful, since I'm not so familiar with Virginia. To place the engagements of the 67th into a bigger context, I consulted my trusty Bruce Catton, American Heritage Picture History of the Civil War (an updated edition is available from I cite Catton throughout in italics to distinguish his commentary from that of the History. Hopefully my attempts to summarize the course of the war in a few sentences aren't too inaccurate. A few comments relating to George Mohney's service are enclosed in braces. Otherwise the source is the Regimental History.

George Washington Mohney's Pension Application

George Washington Mohney applied for a pension in 1890, when he was 50 years of age, saying that frostbite of the foot prevented him from earning a proper living. He received the frostbite around December 20, 1863 or 1863 near Brandy Station, Va. In his own affadavit, he writes:

you call for the affadavit of my family doctor on[?] medical treatment since the war My family doctor is Dead Somethng over two years he had treated me for Itching Piles frost bite and general disability but my main Cure was Salve purchased at drugstores or patent Medecine and work away able or not able hardly to Work to support my family Now I cant work what Will I do If I had applied Several years ago for apension them I could have things strait now when I need it But I Still through that I would wait till the government give me apension with its own accord with out application knowing in my own Judgement that the goverment owed it to me My family doctors name was Wm B Gipson Reynoldsville Jefferson Co Pa

A further affadavit from G.W. Johnston backs him up:

I have been acquainted with Geo W Mohney for twenty years seeing him several times every year And worked on the same jobs in the lumber woods With him he always when speaking about army life Claimed hardship and claimed disability causing him Not able to do Labour part of his time for the last twelve years I can say that I saw him onced amonth and for the last nine years I have seen G W Mohney onced or more every week he always claimed disability caused from been in the army and not being fit to Work part of his time and since the 29 day of July 1890 he has been sick not able to do any Labour at all and his doctors say that they dont think that he ever will get well There is nothing brought on from intemperate habits caused by exposure or drinking or any neglect on his part

Asaph M. Clarke, or Southern Pines, Moore County, North Carolina, also gave an affadavit, saying:

I know he failed terribly during the last year of the war. ...the toe freezing was last days of November or 1st days of December 1863 during the Mine Run campaign or fight. This I do know positively, there was never a better or more faithful soldier than the claimant, always at his port and done his duty without a murmer he was faithful and honest. I would beleive his statement under all circumstances. I understand he is now totally disabled. The Govt cannot do too much for a soldier like Geo W. Mohney.

The pension file lists George's birth as February 22, 1840 in Rimersburg, Clarion County, Pennsylvania.

At various times in his life, George also lived in Clearfield, Armstrong, Cambria, and Jefferson counties, as well as at Alpena, Michigan. (Clarence Shirey's family tree shows an Adam G. Mohney, b. 1814 in Armstrong Co and died 1896 in Marcellus, Michigan. This lead may well turn up something interesting.)

George's pensions records do not include the names of his parents, but his death certificate from 1919 lists his father as Adam Mohney born in Pennsylvania, but contains no information on his mother. He is recorded as a widower.

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