Kellys In Indiana County

I was looking for the father of Isaac Kelly in Indiana County - but it turns out he was from Huntingdon Co (lived there in 1840), so I'm saving the Indiana Co information separately.


Early Settlers

1807 Assessment Lists
Archibald Kelly, James Kelly, stonemason, Patrick Kelly, coverlid weaver (I read elsewhere that this means a "coverlet", i.e. a blanket)
1870 Taxables, Conemaugh Twp.
Samuel Kelly, Robert Kelly
Archibald Kelly
Archibald Kelly is an early settler, having appeared in the
1807 and 1820 tax lists.
He also appears in the 1820 census.
James Kelly
A book by J. T. Stewart, Indiana County, Pennsylvania -- Her People,
Past and Present tells of a party that left Franklin Country and
ventured into Indian country in
1772, eventually settling in Indiana County permanently.
This included a James Kelly (also a Moses Chambers, presumably of the founding
family of Chambersburg), who could well be the progenitor of most of
the later Kellys.
This could be the same James Kelly (mentioned above) who appears in the
1807 tax lists -- as a stonemason.  While we know of nothing to say that
William Harrison Kelly learned stonemasonry from a family member,
and this is not Isaac's profession, it is an intriguing possibility.

Raymond Martin Bell's family histories, The Story of James Kelly, and Descendants of James Kelly, notes that James Kelly, Sr had three sons who settled in western Pennsylvania: William (who settled in what is now Centre County), and James and Samuel of Indiana County.  Members of their families eventually ended up in Westmoreland and Jefferson Co, PA, and in Ohio.

James Kellys in Wiley's Biographical and Historical Cyclopedia of Indiana and Armstrong counties
A James Kelly is also mentioned in the Biographical and Historical Cyclopedia of Indiana and Armstrong counties, 1891, by Samuel T. Wiley (available at Family History Libraries as film 908676).  It lists James Kelly from Ireland coming to Centre Twp, Indiana Co.  His son John Kelly, a farmer, b. Centre Twp, d. 1847 Centre Twp, m. Anna Evans.  Their son John E. Kelly, b. 11 Apri 1841, Brush Valley Twp, Indiana Co, a merchant, learned trade of shoemaker at Mechanicsburg and had a shop there till 1873, when he moved to Black Lick and opened a shoe shop, which he ran untl 1886.  He married Britania Hileman of Mechanicsburg, and they had sons Thomas B., Alonzo B., and John E., Jr., and a daughter Frances.

Wiley also mentions on p. 121 a James Kelly, early settler in Indiana Twp, whose son James M. Kelly played violin, visited Cuba in 1820 and died of consumption, also in 1820.

A quote from Wiley on the Scotch-Irish is priceless: the Scotch-Irish "stretched a broad belt from north to south [of western Pa.], a shield of sinewy men thrust in between the people of the sea-board and the red warriors of the wilderness."  He quotes Dr. J. S. MacIntosh: "their characteristics - unyielding grit, granite hardness, close-mouthed, self-repression, clear firm speech when truth is to be told, God-fearing, honesty, loyalty to friendship, defiant of death, conscience and knee-bending only to God."

Kellys In Indiana Co.

Census Formats


Samuel Kelly

Was a very early settler in Indian County, when it was still Indian territory.  I speculated he could be an ancestor, but it didn't pan out.
Notes started Feb 2002 re Ancestry Search
Search Record
  Isaac Kelly - 2 Feb 2002
    Birth, Marriage, Death - none in PA
    Military - Maine only
    Land and Probate - Kentucky, Ohio, Illinois only

  Father of Isaac Kelly
    Census @
    Searching in 1840 census for possible father of Isaac. Isaac = 25 yrs old
    Starting with names of his sons: William, Samuel, Isaac, John, Levi, David, Edward, M. George
    (Note: in 1850 there is a Samuel)

1830: 2x William Kelly - Conemaugh and Wash Twp don't look right

1840: 22 Kellys in Indiana County     # Isaacs: 2 (Huntingdon & Butler Counties)
    # Samuels: 25 (got image of Black Lick)
    # Williams: 74 (with Soundex match)
    # John: 115
    # Levi: 2 (Chester & Erie counties)
    # David: 16
    # Edward: 13 (none in Indiana)
    # George: 39 (got image of Black Lick)
    William Mc (or M) Keley, Indiana Co, Wheatfield Twp
    Males: 1 15-25, 2 20-30, 1 50-60
    Females: 1 5-10, 2 20-30, 1 30-40, 1 40-50, 1 50-60
    Persons Employed column titles are:
    1. Military 2. Agriculture 3. Commerce 4. Manufacturing and Trade
    5. Navigation on the Ocean 6. Navigation on Canals, Lakes, Rivers
    7. Learned Professors and Engineers
    (not sure which line is William)

    George M. Kelly, Indiana Co, Black Lick Twp, p. 10 (have image)
    Samuel Kelly, Indiana Co., Black Lick Twp, p. 12 (have image)
    Age:     0 5 1015203040
    Males:   0 1 1 1 0 0 1
    Females; 0 0 2 0 0 1 0 ? hard to line up
       => no son of 25

    1850 census - 41 Kellys in Indiana County (tried to save index matches,
     but had trouble getting the data - several blank pages)
    56 Samuel Kellys

William Kelly, Indiana Co, Wheatfield Twp
    p. 98 (in script: 195), roll M432_785
     William age 24 (or 29??) Laborer = likely brother of Issac, Sr. iwc should also find a male 10-15 in 1840
     Margaret age 25
     Ann age 7/12

    p. 102
    Isaac Kelly, Indiana Co, Wheatfield Twp - my

    p. 121
    Robert Kelly, Indiana Co, Wheatfield Twp
    Robert age 33 Laborer
    Rebecca age 29(?)
    Amanda age 2
    Catherine age 1

    William Kelly
    p. 133 (according to index), roll M432_785
     William age 30(?) Laborer
     Nancy age 34
     May(?) female, age 74

Census search (via

William Kelly search - possible father of Isaac, Robert, William (the only Kellys in Indiana Co,  Wheatfield Twp)

Isaac Kelly

Kelly other than Samuel in census, Indian Co.

Kellys in Franklin Co