Isolation (Corona Trilogy, Part 3)

This is another Corona-inspired song. (For those of you with a legal mind, Dave, I refer here to isolation in the Cambridge dictionary sense of "the condition of being alone, especially when this makes you feel unhappy", and not to being forced to isolate because of having a contagious disease.)

Here's the lyrics video that is also on YouTube:

Here's the original "demo" version


I've had enough of isolation
I'm gonna get me that jab
Gonna book a flight to Patagonia
Pack my case and call a cab

I don't have any reason to complain 
I didn't lose my job
I didn't lose my lover or my sense of smell
Only my patience, man, I'm bored as hell! 

I've had enough of isolation
I'm gonna get me a vaccination
Gonna book a flight to New Caledonia
When I get back, I'll pay what I owe ya

I wanna lie under swaying palm trees
Climb up the sides of smoking volcanoes
Eat exotic food that gives me the runs
Even a traffic jam in Mexico City sounds like fun!

I wanna (guitar sound)
I wanna (different guitar sound)
I wanna (still another guitar sound)
And I'm betting that you do too.

I've had enough of isolation
I'm gonna break out soon
I'm gonna hike to Outer Mongolia
Or maybe I'll take Space X to the moon

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