Mars Wind

In 2019 I had trouble for most of a year with tennis elbow, so I could barely play guitar. That's why this song is mostly one-finger notes on the keyboard run through lots of guitar pedals, plus simple notes and scratches on the guitar strings likewise run through pedals galore. It was a lot of fun to make. Recently I had two MRIs (and have lots more to come). Some hospitals provide you music on headphones to block the loud, seemingly random noises the MRI makes. Neither of mine did, so I had to try to come up with songs in my head that sounded like the MRI - and I came up with a surprising number - see my MRI playlist on YouTube. The only song of my own was Mars Wind, and to add it to YouTube, I needed a video. As I couldn't do my usual lyrics video for an instrumental song, I grabbed these wonderful photos of Mars, which are mostly from NASA, and often show dust in the wind, dust devils or dunes shaped by the wind.

Also a heartfelt thanks to InspectorJ who provided the synthesized wind sounds at

Click here for audio only:

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