That's the Way It Goes

I was using to try to figure out the key of a song, and ended up looking at their list of compatible chords. I played around with some of the non-trivial ones and ended up with a chord progression I really liked - with minor 7ths, 6ths, sus4. Then I wanted to record it in GarageBand and looked for a suitable automatic drummer to add the rhythm. When I heard the brushes, I knew the song had to be a lounge-y jazz number. Think a melancholy version of Don't Worry, Be Happy?

The line "That's the way it goes" popped into my head. I added some thoughts about how things often go better in life when you react instead of overplanning - take advantage of the good things that come your way. (And don't even start on me with that "There's a plan" stuff.) Also in 2020, Covid-19 brings thoughts of mortality, so that found its way in too. I used my new Yamaha MODX-61 to add some MIDI-sax (unfortunately I can't get the great sax sound the MODX has into GarageBand, so I had to settle for a generic digital sax so far). As I'm a horrible keyboard player, it still needs work. Added a bit of wah guitar in the background, and here we are.

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