Willie B. Goode (Will he be good??)

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with a tip of the hat to Chuck Berry

Deep down in Pennsylvania close to Harrisburg
There was a boy who grew to a computer nerd
He earned his first few dollars with a paper route
Bought a guitar and called it Willie B Goode
He never learned to play that instrument so well
When he played that guitar, well it sounded like hell

Go go
Go Willy go go go!
Take that guitar
and go
Go Willy go go
Go Willy go!
Willy B. 

[Decades later]

When he moved to Switzerland he could write some hacks
But the question remained, could he learn the ax?
His friends said with no teacher you'll remain a fool
So get on down to Zurich and learn that tool
If it helped to make an ax-man, it is still in doubt
On that question gotta say the jury is out

Go go
Go Willy go!
Go Willy go!
Go Willy go!
Come on Willy,
Let us know
Will he be good?
Will he ever be good?
P.S. I did all guitar, bass and vocals; the drum is Apple's GarageBand. I won't tell you how many takes I did before this one!

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