Willow warbler / Fitis (Phylloscopus trochilus)

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WikiCommons Fitis 13901013023. Source: WIKIPEDIA
Classification: Genus Phylloscopus; Family Phylloscopidae
General: The willow warbler (Phylloscopus trochilus) is a very common and widespread leaf warbler which breeds throughout northern and temperate Europe and the Palearctic, from Ireland east to the Anadyr River basin in eastern Siberia. It is strongly migratory, with almost all of the population wintering in Sub-Saharan Africa.[2][3] [more]
Song: Reihe v. Pfeiflauten (ca 12) etwas abfallend. Klingt ähnlich Buchfink, aber etwas traurig, melancholisch, wie in moll-Tonart. [Link]
By far most easily identified by it's call or song. Song: A 3-5 second, falling phrase of soft, rippling "svi-svi" sounds, starting high with some attack, and then falling in a mellow manner. The phrase lacks any conclusion, and diminishes both in strength and tempo. [Link]
Calls: ähnlich oben, aber mehr zweisilbig [Link]
Contact/alarm call a soft, plaintive ascending "hoo-eet". Similar to Chiff-chaff, but first part more drawn, giving it a disyllabic feel. [Link]
Physical details: length=10-11 cm, wingspan=16-22 cm, weight=7-12 g
Song: Song similar to common chaffinch but higher, faster, tendency to descend but with more ups and downs.
Song attributes: Melody: stereotype melodic, fast, Frequency: high (3-9 KHz) Singing season: 04-01 - 06-30 Dawn chorus start, 22 minutes before dawn.
Call: Whoop very similar to chiffchaff, etc. but starts at an even level, then ascends.
Call recorded in UK, sounds typical to me, and spiced up by a yellowhammer in the background and several other birds

Call recorded in UK, sounds typical to me, and spiced up by a yellowhammer in the background and several other birds Source: XENOCANTO (call)

Call attributes: contact call Call melody: simple rhythmic, slow, Frequency: 2-4 KHz, Special sounds: whoop
First documented observation : 2020-04-24

Fitis am Pfäffikersee Song starts similar to Buchfink / chaffinch Source: BirdNet 2020-04-24 10.07.55 Pfäffikersee (song)

Additional Images

Fitis am Pfaeffikersee. 2021-04-22 09.45.24 Pfäffikersee

Fitis beim Pfaeffikersee. 2021-04-22 09.20.38 Pfäffikersee

Cornell photo Fitis, Willow warbler. Source: UNIVERSITY_OF_CORNELL


Additional Audio

♫ Source: BirdNet 2021-04-27 17.28.00 Wetzikon (song?)

♫ 2021-04-22 09.46.27 Pfäffikersee (song?)

♫ Source: BirdNet 2021-04-22 09.22.19 (song?)

♫ Source: BirdNet 2020-04-24 10.30.05 Pfäffikersee (song?)

♫ Source: BirdNet 2020-04-24 10.07.55 Pfäffikersee (song?)

♫ Source: XENOCANTO (call)

♫ Source: XENOCANTO (song?)